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What Is Link Building?

Link building is one of the most important techniques used in SEO. Although Google doesn’t tell us exactly how they weigh each SEO ranking factor, we know that obtaining quality backlinks from external websites is one of the best things you can do to build the reputation of your site. When high-quality, industry relevant websites link to your site, it indicates to search engines that you have valuable content that is worth sharing.

Link building requires knowledge of what makes a good backlink and how to obtain them. Our in-house link acquisition team knows how to research and identify the best opportunities for securing backlinks. Good links need to come from relevant sources and make sense in context with the content on the page where the link sits. When you have quality links to your site, search engines will see them as a sign of authority and confidence in the quality and relevance of your site.

What's the Difference Between Internal and External Links?

There are two main types of links that you should consider as part of SEO. Internal and external links are both important but in different ways. They each have their advantages when it comes to link building, but the way that they work and should be implemented differs.

Internal links are links on your site that refer to another page on your domain. They help your website visitors get around your website and point them to connected pages. Internal links help to keep visitors engaged and continue the customer journey.

External or outbound links are links from other websites that point to your website. These can often take the form of links in blog posts or articles, online directories, and other sources.
Both types of links are important, but external links are most important when considering raking factors. Internal linking on your website will usually happen naturally, but external links can require a lot more effort to secure. However, once you do, it will help to boost the ranking of your site and create more relevant traffic. Link building strategies can be challenging, so it’s essential to work with experts who know what they’re doing. The team at Adaptive can help you secure valuable and relevant links from trusted websites, as well as provide expert content writing to place your links in context.

Why Are Links Important in SEO?

Search engines consider a range of factors when assessing the relevance of a webpage to a search term. Link acquisition is one of the key factors that they consider because it helps search engines determine keyword relevance and whether the linked page is valuable and trusted by others. A link from another website is like a vote of confidence, recommending the linked page.

However, it’s important to be careful when link building. Past Google updates have sought to make sure that backlinks are genuine and haven’t been secured in unethical ways or linked by an irrelevant page. Link building outreach needs to be completed with care, with time spent on researching and choosing the best places and ways to link back to your website. At Adaptive, we can help you to do this.

What Does a Good Link Building Strategy Include?

A successful link building strategy is a must if you want to build links in a valuable way that improves your overall SEO performance. Our expert link builders have the skills and knowledge to carry out an effective link building strategy for your website. We work with you to ensure a strategy that will get the results you desire. Using techniques such as paid promotions, content creation, manual outreach and HARO, we secure valuable links for your site.

Beat Your Competition with Link Building

Adaptive has hundreds of satisfied clients in Thailand, the UK, and around the world. With our experience and knowledge in digital marketing, we’re well-placed to help with your link building strategy and all other aspects of SEO. Our in-house experts are available to work with businesses in Pattaya, Chonburi, Bangkok, and elsewhere in Thailand, to achieve your full SEO potential.

We take care of it all for you so that there’s no need for you to navigate the complex world of link building and outreach. Using link building, we will ensure great results for your website’s performance in the search results, and we stay up to date with all of the latest best practices too. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

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